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Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran
Associated Professor
Maryam Jafarkhani Kermani
Associated Professor
email m.j.kermani@abrii.ac.ir


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Dr Maryam Jafarkhani Kermani is an associate professor whose main research area has been focused on tissue culture and breeding new plant material using modern biotechnological methods. She has carried out many research projects mainly on the plants in the Rosaceous family. Dr Kermani has supervised many MSc and PhD students who have successfully graduated.  She has served as Head of Technology Transfer Administration in Agricultural and Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII) for more than 5 years and she is currently a member of board of directors of Iranian Journal of Ornamental Plants (ISOP) and the editor in chief of the Iranian Journal of Ornamental Plants (IJOP).  

Current Projects:

  • Virus detection and elimination in quince cultivar and rootstocks
  • Application of thermotherapy and meristem culture in virus elimination of newly released cultivars, high performance native cultivars and commercial rootstocks of apple


Publications in scientific journals

  • M. J. Kermani, V. Sarasan, A. V. Roberts, K. Yokoya, J. Wentworth and V. K. Sieber. (2003) Oryzalin-induced chromosome doubling in Rosa and its effect on plant morphology and pollen viability. Theor Appl Genet 107:1195-1200.


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  • Pegah Khosravi, Maryam J. Kermani, Gorban A. Nematzadeh, Mohammad R. Bihamta. (2007). A Protocol for Mass Production of Rosa hybrida cv. Iceberg Through In Vitro Propagation. Iranian Journal of Biotechnology. 5 (1): 100-104.


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  • Z. Ghayoor Karimiani, A. Bagheri, .M Jafarkhani Kermani, G. H. Davarynejad   (2011) Effects of TDZ and Kinetin on Regeneration and Proliferation of Gerbera hybrida cv. Red Explosion. Journal of horticultural Science, 24 (2) 170-174. 


  • Koobaz, P. Jafarkhani Kermani M. Hosseini Z. Jowkar A. Khatamsaz, M. Biosystematic study of Rosa (Sect. Pimpinellifoliaeae) and described R. abrica (Rosaceae) as a new species from Iran. Rostaniha 12(1): 51-62.



  • Haghighat Afshar, M., Jafarkhani Kermani  M., Khalighi A., Habashi A. A., Mohammadi A. (2011). Direct shoot regeneration on three cultivars of Rosa hybrida using five explant types and different hormone concentrations. American-Euroasian J. of Agric. & Environ. Sci., 10 (6): 962-967 


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  • Lotfzad, G., Vadanpour Azghandi, A., Majidi Herevan, A., Jafarkhani Kermani, M (2011). Propagation of dwarfing cherri rootstocks (Clone 4553). Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology 12 (2): 231-240.


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  • Talebi, S.F., Saharkhiz, M.J., Jafarkhani Kermani, M., Sharafi, Y., Raouf Fard, F. 2016. Effect of ploidy level on the nuclear genome content and essential oil composition of Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum [Pursh.] Kuntze). Analytical Chemistry Letters.  6 (5): 678-687


  • Hashemzadeh Z., Jafarkhani Kermani, M., Hamidoghli Y. 2017. Investigating the effect of explant type, culture media and exposure to darkness on induction of in vitro direct regeneration from leaves of Ziziphus jujuba Mill. Biotechnology Tarbiat Modares University(accepted)


Scientific Achievements

  • Publication of more than 30 research papers in the international Journals
  • Publication of more than 10 research papers in the national Journals
  • Completion of 30 Research Projects
  • Supervising of more than 30 MSc and PhD students
  • Holding and lecturing scientific of more than 10 workshops
  • Production of four new varieties of roses: Two new tetraploids from diploid roses and three new hexaploids from triploid roses.
  • Patent in Iran: A protocol for mass production of apple rootstocks.
  • Patent in Iran: A protocol to induce chromosome doubling in plants.
  • Patent in Iran: A protocol for mass production of 15 rose cultivars


Scientific Achievements Transferred to Private Sector

  •  The protocol for mass production of apple rootstocks using tissue culture
  • The protocol for micropropagation of large-fruit jujube-tree (Ziziphus jujuba)


Scientific Achievements at Pilot Stage

Virus elimination and detection in apple rootstocks and cultivars



  • Receiving the award from the President in 2008
  • Receiving the award from the Minister of Agriculture in 2010
  • Title of top researcher  of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad in 2010
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